Tax strategy

The tax policy pursued by Unibep SA is aimed at supporting key business decisions and ensuring the legality of its transactions. The Company does not seek to make tax savings in isolation from economic circumstances when making business decisions and complying with its tax obligations.
The Company is committed to ensuring that its approach to meeting its tax obligations is consistent with the core values of the Company and the group as a whole, as well as its overall business strategy. The Company takes comprehensive measures to be a responsible taxpayer and withholding agent, and to act responsibly and honestly in all dealings with the tax authorities.

We invite you to read the entire statement on the implementation of our tax strategy.

Unibep Report on the implementation of the tax strategy for 2020

Unibep Report on the implementation of the tax strategy for 2021

General Meeting

Unibep Group

Investor Relations


The General Meeting is the highest authority of Unibep S.A., enabling shareholders to exercise their rights. The Company's General Meetings are held in accordance with the Polish Commercial Companies Code, the Company's Articles of Association and Unibep S.A General Meeting Regulations., taking into account the Code of Best Practice for WSE-Listed Companies.

Shareholders are able to exercise their corporate rights at general meetings. Competences of the General Meeting include all matters related to the Company's operations and other matters reserved for the GM by the provisions of the Commercial Companies Code and the Company's Articles of Association. Rules of participation in the General Meeting and the exercise of voting rights are regulated by the "Unibep S.A General Meeting Regulations." The Regulations also contain provisions on the procedure for convening and cancelling the General Meeting, its opening and its proceedings.

Investor Relations with Capital Market

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Share buyback

Share buyback in 2020.

Share buyback in 2019.

Share buyback in 2017.


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