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Unibep Group believes that membership in organisations and associations is a forum for exchanging views and an opportunity to strengthen the company's position on the market. We build value for the community and our stakeholders in partnership with the organisations listed below.

The Alliance for Safety in Construction is an initiative of general contractors. Their shared mission is to reduce accident rates on construction sites by promoting a culture of safety, raising awareness of hazards related to work on construction sites and preventing risks and accidents. The objective of cooperation between the signatory companies and affiliates of the Alliance is the implementation of safety standards, including the introduction of systemic solutions in the fields of occupational health and safety and educational and training activities. Unibep SA has been a signatory company of the Alliance for Safety in Construction since 5 February 2015.

The Polski Związek Pracodawców Budownictwa (Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers) is a nationwide organisation bringing together companies from the infrastructure and construction sectors, which together generate more than PLN 50 billion worth of construction and assembly production in Poland and employ more than 50,000 employees. PZPB's member companies include 13 of the 15 largest companies involved in the comprehensive implementation of projects, development companies, specialist design companies, construction material and machinery manufacturers, technology providers and other entities related to the infrastructure and construction industry. Unibep SA has been a member of PZPB almost since its inception.

The Polish Construction Cluster is an association of over 300 companies operating in the construction industry, based across the entire country. UNIBEP SA has been part of the cluster nearly since its inception. The main objective of the cluster is to support institutions and entrepreneurs operating in the construction services market by creating a permanent framework for cooperation, building an innovative network of relations based on the transfer of knowledge, technology and innovative solutions between cluster members, business environment institutions, scientific and research units and local governments.

The "Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters" association is an initiative of enterprises whose aim is to build and strengthen cooperation between Polish construction companies on export markets as well as to internationalise the Polish construction sector. The association's objective is to promote, on a global scale, the capabilities of Polish enterprises in the field of expansion and modernisation of broadly defined infrastructure using the latest technologies, products, systems and professional engineering staff.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Białystok is one of the largest and most active organisations of business entities in north-eastern Poland. The Chamber is responsible for fostering economic development in the region and plays a key role as a community and local government partner in discussions with representatives of the voivodeship and the region's major cities.

The Polish Association of Listed Companies fosters the development of the Polish capital market by representing the interests of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. As an expert organisation, it provides issuers with knowledge and advice on stock market regulations and the rights and obligations of issuers.

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