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We think boldly, act wisely. For more than 73 years.

Unibep SA, based in Bielsk Podlaski, is currently one of the largest construction companies in Poland and has been present on the market for 73 years. Unibep SA has majority Polish capital and has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2008. Over the years of its operation, the company has created a strong Unibep SA Capital Group. Our success was made possible by the hard work of all our employees!

The company traces its history back to 1950, when the District Construction Company in Bielsk Podlaski was established. The company was founded on the basis of the "Zrąb" Building Cooperative, whose headquarters were located at the junction of 3 Maja and Mickiewicza Streets, and the Rural Building Cooperative in Białystok. The operations of the enterprise involved the construction of traditional livestock buildings and grain silos, as well as schools and health centres. Jan Firfa was the company's first director. He was succeeded by Marian Wisłowski. The company's modern history is primarily tied to Jan Mikołuszko, who developed the small Unibud BEP company into the extensive Unibep Group.

The company was initially a state-owned entity, later transformed into a municipal company, and in 2000 it was incorporated into a large European corporation. 2002 was a turning point in the history of Unibep SA and marks the date when the current owners purchased the company's shares from Budimex. At the time, the Bielsk-based company generated revenue of several dozen million Polish złoty and employed a little over one hundred employees. The new owners focused on developing the company, and since there were few ongoing construction projects in the Podlasie region at that time, they decided to expand into the largest Polish construction market in the capital city. The floating of the company's shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2008 marked another important milestone in its history. The capital raised through the stocks was used to further develop Unibep SA.

Today, Unibep is one of the largest thriving construction companies in Poland, as confirmed by numerous rankings prepared by experts and industry institutions, as well as the awards won by the firm. Until recently, the company focused on residential construction. Currently, however, commercial and service, public utility, industrial, energy and military construction are playing an increasingly important role in our activities. This is evidenced by our recent projects, including in foreign markets.

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