Over the years, Unibep SA has received recognition from various bodies, both regional and national. The Bielsk Podlaski-based company is appreciated for its reliability and responsibility, as well as the quality of its constructions. The recognitions listed below are only a fraction of those awarded to the company.

2023 r.

Unibep has been recognized among the companies awarded the Silver CSR Leaf by POLITYKA. This distinction is given to companies that declare the integration of all key solutions of the ISO 26000 standard in their daily operational activities. These companies often rely on the best local and global management practices and adhere to international standards. Additionally, an essential aspect of their management is an ethics management system and the highest personnel management standards. They regularly inform stakeholders about the outcomes of their actions, including through non-financial or integrated reports prepared in accordance with international data disclosure standards.

The Unibep Group ranked 10th among construction companies and 87th among the top 300 employers in Poland. This ranking was published by Forbes magazine. It is the third edition of the Poland's Best Employers 2023 ranking, created in cooperation between Forbes and Statista. "It is a guide to companies that deliver much more than they promise..." wrote Paweł Zielewski, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes.

During this year's "Infrastructure and Construction Diamonds" awards ceremony, the "Project of the Year - Building Construction" distinction was awarded to the Copernican Revolution Studio in Warsaw. The facility, designed by Unibep, was recognized for its modern technological solutions and high-quality execution. The "Infrastructure and Construction Diamonds" awards ceremony took place on March 21, 2023, at the Sheraton Grand Warsaw hotel. The ceremonial award presentation marks the culmination of the annual "Polish Infrastructure & Construction" conference.

2022 r.

Unibep SA was recognised as the best company in the construction industry. The results of the 6th edition of the "Employer of Tomorrow" competition of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development were presented on 9 June 2022 in Warsaw. 

Unibep SA is among the top three in Forbes' "Poland's Best Employers" (Najlepsi Pracodawcy w Polsce) ranking: Unibep took 3rd place (scoring 75.30 points) in the second edition of the "Poland's Best Employers 2022" ranking, in the Construction category. In the overall Poland's Best Employers 2022 ranking, Unibep SA came 36th out of a total of 300 companies. The ranking placed us above companies such as Budimex, the largest construction firm in Poland. The ranking is compiled by Forbes Magazine. According to the magazine's editors: "(...) the ranking is a guide to companies that provide far more value than their competitors promise".

Unibep SA was recognised in the "Construction Company of the Year" category at the "Diamonds of Infrastructure and Construction" gala. Awards and recognitions granted as part of this competition demonstrate the value brought by infrastructure and construction to the development of Polish economy. The Competition Jury gave the following reasons for its decision to award the prize to Unibep SA: "We decided to give our award in the Construction Company of the Year category to a company that is one of the oldest construction firms on the Polish market. Of particular note is its extremely rapid development in recent years – the company has been constructing not only buildings, but roads as well, and is currently developing the construction of modern modular houses. What's important is that the company has been bravely supporting our country in keeping our border secure."

2021 r.

Unibep SA was named the Responsible Development Leader in the Podlaskie Voivodeship, and took 3rd place among the largest companies in the region in the Podlasie Golden Hundred of Enterprises ranking. This year marked the 18th edition of the ranking, organised by the "Kurier Poranny" daily and presenting the largest companies in the Podlaskie Voivodeship. The results of the ranking were presented at a formal gala held on the evening of 15 December 2021 in the Auditorium of the University of Białystok at ul. Świerkowa. Unibep SA was the recipient of an exceptional award – Responsible Development Leader. This is a new category in the ranking – the award is given to companies that not only remember about corporate social responsibility, but are also mindful of social considerations and care for their employees, act in an environmentally responsible manner and follow the principles of corporate governance. 

Unihouse SA was recognised by the "Newsweek" weekly in the "Quality at a reasonable price" category. The ranking was divided into seven categories. Unihouse SA was recognised as a company that provides products offering high quality at an affordable price. Unihouse SA is a manufacturer of modern modular buildings using wooden technology. We note that the buildings manufactured by the company have a very wide range of applications and are an ideal solution for a broad range of projects – from multi-family homes to hotels or student accommodation.

The Porosły Junction project near Białystok, built by Unibep SA's Infrastructure Department, was named as the winner of the "Construction of the Year 2019-2020 in the North-Eastern Region" competition. The award ceremony took place on 26 October at the Faculty of Construction and Environmental Sciences of the Bialystok University of Technology. Construction of the road junction in Porosły was named as the best project in the "Transport infrastructure structures with a road length of at least 5 km" category.

Recognition for Unibep and Unihouse. Unibep SA was named the Construction Company of the Year, and Unihouse SA received an award as a company that offers the highest quality of ecological construction services – the prestigious "Diamonds of Infrastructure and Construction" statuettes were presented on 22 June at the Sheraton Grand Warsaw hotel. The awards are meant to give recognition to entities operating in the infrastructure and construction sector who contribute to the development of the entire segment through their actions. The awards were presented to Leszek Gołąbiecki, CEO of Unibep SA, and Marcin Gołębiewski, CEO of Unihouse SA.

Unibep Group is among the best Polish employers. Unibep Group was ranked 2nd among companies in the construction industry and 16th overall among the 50 best employers in Poland during the pandemic. The national ranking was published by the Wprost.pl website.

Unibep SA gets the TopBuilder 2021 statuette. LivinnX – student accommodation in Krakow, was among the projects awarded the TopBuilder 2021 statuette. Unibep was the general contractor working on the project. TopBuilder is one of the most prestigious awards in the Polish construction market. The award is presented for top quality products, new solutions and innovations, including proven materials, technological and design solutions, for design, development, execution and consulting services, and for introducing modern tools that improve the management of companies and projects, for projects dedicated to the industry and for buildings that stand out due to the high quality of their architecture, often for a timeless form, quality of modern materials used and interesting environmentally friendly solutions. According to the organisers, the award is given to projects which improve the quality of the urban spaces that surround them.

Unibep SA is among the top three construction companies. Unibep SA was ranked 3rd among construction companies and 74th overall in the "Poland's Best Employers 2021" ranking. The list published by the "Forbes" monthly was created based on the opinions of the employees of individual companies themselves.

Unibep Group employees are recognised by the President of Poland. During a traditional annual meeting to summarise the results of 2020 and discuss plans for 2021, employees of Unibep Group were awarded Crosses of Merit for their activity in the development of innovation in the Polish construction sector, and medals for long service. Bohdan Paszkowski, the voivode of the Podlaskie Voivodeship, awarded crosses and medals to a total of 10 people.

2020 r.

Unibep Group is among the three largest companies in the Podlasie region. Unibep Group came 3rd in the Podlasie Golden Hundred of Enterprises ranking. The results of the ranking were announced on 11 December. The 17th edition of Podlasie's most important ranking was exceptional, as the awards gala was held online due to the ongoing pandemic. With its 2020 revenue of nearly PLN 1.7 billion, Unibep Group was outpaced only by Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Mlekovita in Wysokie Mazowieckie and Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Mlekpol in Grajewo, tycoons of the dairy market. The Podlasie Golden Hundred of Enterprises is a business ranking organised by "Kurier Poranny", one of the most important daily papers published in north-eastern Poland.

Unibep Group is among the leaders. Unibep Group was ranked 6th in the "Polish Construction Companies 2020" report prepared by the Deloitte consulting company.

Unibep Group is on the Rzeczpospolita 500 List. Unibep Group was ranked 202nd on the Rzeczpospolita 500 List, which ranks the largest companies in Poland according to their revenue. This was the 22nd edition of one of the most important economic rankings in Poland. On 27 May 2020, the Rzeczpospolita daily presented its list of the 500 largest companies operating in Poland. The list presented information on the financial results of businesses in 2019, including their revenues.

Unibep SA as the Ambassador of Polish Economy. Unibep SA was recognised as part of the Ambassador of Polish Economy contest. The contest is organised by the Business Centre Club. The award was presented to Krzysztof Mikołajczyk, Vice President of the Management Board of Unibep SA.

2019 r.

Recognition for reliability and cooperation in foreign markets. Unibep SA was recognised as part of the Ambassador of Polish Economy contest. The contest is organised by the Business Centre Club. The competition aims to promote Poland in the international arena as a reliable economic partner, recognise and promote entrepreneurs who achieve success in international markets, promote high economic and financial standards and good business practices in contact with foreign partners, strengthen cooperation between entrepreneurs and representatives of Polish institutions responsible for promoting Poland, Polish economy, culture and social initiatives, which involves activities such as the development of mutual contacts and exchange of information.

Unibep SA recognised in Belarus. At the 23rd "Good Neighbourhood 2019" Polish-Belarusian Economic Forum, Unibep SA received an award "for outstanding contribution to the development of Polish-Belarusian economic relations in the construction industry".

Unibep Group rises on the "500 List". Unibep Group is ranked 197th in the "Rzeczpospolita 500 List". Compared to last year, the group moved up 6 places. The 21st edition of the 500 List compiled by the Rzeczpospolita daily, presenting the largest Polish companies based on revenue for 2018, was released on 31 May 2019.

2018 r.

According to a ranking compiled by the Rzeczpospolita daily, Unibep SA was ranked 61st among the best employers in 2017.

Three awards in the 2017 Construction of the Year competition. The Galeria Północna shopping mall on Światowida street in Warsaw, and the Mlekovita 3 powdered milk factory on Ludowa street in Wysokie Mazowieckie were named among the "2017 Constructions of the Year" (1st prize). Stage I of the Aura Sky building at Maria Rodziewiczówna Square in Warsaw won 3rd prize in the competition. Unibep SA worked as the general contractor on all three projects.

Unibep on the Rzeczpospolita 500 List. Unibep SA ranked 203rd in the 20th edition of the 500 List compiled by the Rzeczpospolita daily. The company rose 42 places in comparison to last year's ranking.

Unihouse's modular houses are the Podlaskie Brand of the Year.  The houses are made using modular wooden technology and exported mainly to Scandinavian markets. The Podlasie Brand of the Year Award is the most important ranking organised by the Marshal's Office of Podlasie Province. Multi-family buildings manufactured by Unihouse won an award in the "Functional Product" category.


Mercurius statuette awarded for innovative multi-family buildings made using modular technology. The award was presented during the 2nd edition of the Polish-Swedish Business Gala on 2 February 2018 at the Polish Embassy in Stockholm. 

Personality of the Year 2017. This prestigious recognition was given to Zbigniew Gościcki, President of the Management Board of Unidevelopment SA. Unidevelopment itself received the 2017 Construction Company of the Year statuette. The titles were awarded by the Builder monthly.

2017 r.

First place in the Best Employer category and third place in terms of revenue generated in 2016 in the 2016 Podlasie Golden Hundred of Enterprises ranking.

The Primus Inter Optimos – First Among the Best – award was presented to Unibep SA for supporting economic and social initiatives and participating in activities for the benefit of the environment and the industry. Jan Mikołuszko, long-serving President of the Management Board and current Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Unibep SA, was among the individuals who received a medal to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers; Jan Mikołuszko was recognised for his contribution to the Polish construction sector. The medals were presented on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers.


Construction of the Year 2016. The Port Praski Lighthouse building won 2nd prize in the "Construction of the Year 2016" competition; Unibep SA worked as a general contractor on the project.

Unibep on the Rzeczpospolita 500 List. Unibep corporate group ranked 245th among the 500 largest companies operating in Poland. The list was published by the Rzeczpospolita daily in April 2017.

Unibep is named Top Employer of Eastern Poland. Unibep SA received the title of Top Employer of Eastern Poland. The award was presented during the III Eastern Economic Congress in Białystok. Experts from the Competition Committee selected the winners based on the following criteria: the impact of the employer on the region's economic development, its contribution to the development of the labour market, innovation, employee relations and cooperation with the local community.

2016 r.

Three awards in the Golden Hundred. Unibep took second place in the "Best Employer" category, third place in the "Highest Net Revenue" category and received a special distinction in the "Exporter of the Year" category upon the announcement of results of the 13th edition of the Podlasie Golden Hundred ranking. It is the most important economic ranking of the Podlaskie region, organised from its very beginnings by "Kurier Poranny" daily newspaper.

Unibep is named the Pearl of the Polish Economy in the Grand Pearls category. Unibep was awarded a certificate in the ranking of Polish enterprises for the consistent implementation of its policy and strategy and its leading position among the most dynamic and effective enterprises in Poland.

Export Product of Podlaskie Voivodeship 2016. This title was awarded to modular houses manufactured by the Unihouse Branch of Unibep SA. The Regional Eagles of Export competition is part of the Export Development Programme. The aim of the programme is to support Polish exporters in their international business.

Construction of the Year Awards. Domaniewska Office Hub and Słodowiec City, buildings developed by Unibep SA, received 1st prizes in the "Construction of the Year 2015" competition. Two projects completed by the Road Department of Unibep SA received gold statuettes as "Structures of the Year in the North-East Region"; the reconstruction of the Białystok–Kleosin road received the 2013 award, and the construction of road infrastructure at the border crossing in Połowce received the 2014 award.

2015 r.

Unibep received a title and trophy in the 16th edition of the "Polish Sports Constructor" competition. Unibep SA and Leszek Gołąbiecki, President of the company's Management Board, were presented with a title and trophy of "Polish Sports Constructor". The recognition was granted as part of the "Building a Sporting Poland" programme.

A Crystal Brick for Aqua Lublin. As the general contractor on the Aqua Lublin project, Unibep SA was awarded the Crystal Brick award in the competition for the best construction project on both sides of the Eastern border of the European Union. This year marked the 15th edition of the competition organised by the Polish Housing Association in Lublin.

Unibep wins the title of a "Company Changing the Face of Polish Industry". The "Changing the Face of Polish Industry" Forum presented recognitions and titles for "Companies Changing the Face of Polish Industry". Unibep SA was recognised for the efficient implementation of a sustainable development strategy based on export expansion, which resulted in significant turnover and good financial results.

Licence to build. Unibep S.A. is the only Polish company to receive a licence to perform construction works in Belarus. The document is valid for five years and is required to do business in our eastern neighbour. On 8 April 2015, we received two 1st (highest) category licences: for providing general contracting services and for directly providing construction contracting services in Belarus.

Diamond for modular buildings. Unibep SA received the prestigious "Diamond of Infrastructure and Construction" in the Leading Innovator of the Year category. The award was presented on 8 February, during a gala that topped off the "Polish Infrastructure & Construction" Conference. The "Polish Infrastructure & Construction" conference is the most important event bringing together leading players in the infrastructure and construction market in Poland.

Leader on the Warsaw market. According to a report on the largest and most interesting residential products on the Warsaw market by the Builder monthly, Unibep is the largest provider of general contracting services in Warsaw and is currently working on 29 residential projects.

SINTEFF Certificate – Norwegian Central Approval. Unihouse, a branch of Unibep SA, has received the "Central recognition of a business's legal responsibility pursuant to the Act on Planning and Construction", issued by the Norwegian Construction Quality Department in Oslo. This document enables Unihouse to obtain appropriate construction permits and carry out construction works in specified areas and classes of activity throughout Norway.

Certificate of Payment Credibility. The Bisnode international business intelligence agency carried out a study of the creditworthiness of our company. We are pleased to announce that the overall assessment of the financial condition of Unibep S.A., in particular its ability to pay its debts on a timely basis, has been rated as good, and our company received the prestigious Certificate of Payment Credibility.