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G – Corporate governance

G – Corporate governance

Unibep Group's Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets out the business standards and best practices applicable to all Unibep Group companies in their relations with business partners and in internal relations. We base our activities on three values: knowledge, passion and trust. These values form the basis for transparent and fair business conducted in accordance with applicable laws and internal regulations. The quality of our work and the products we manufacture is the result of cooperation in the spirit of tolerance, balance, honesty, respect for human rights and safety. Unibep Group's Code of Conduct is the starting point for and coexists with other regulations applicable within the group. All other internal group policies take into account the principles contained therein.

Business ethics

As employees of Unibep Group, we are aware of the importance of business ethics and the need to respect them when working for a listed company. We strive to ensure that all employees adopt the best models of behaviour. We believe that corruption and bribery are elements of a broader phenomenon related to values, ethics and integrity in business. The risk of corruption and bribery is much lower where people act based on transparent and generally known ethical values. That's why it's so important to provide staff with regular training to review and discuss applicable internal procedures and instructions. Unibep Group has implemented the following internal regulations in the area of ethics:

Management of identified risks

Risk management at Unibep Group is implemented in the context of the strategic and operational objectives of the entire organisation, its individual companies, branches or organisational processes. Each stage of the risk management process should be linked to our strategy, organisational culture and structure, internal processes, applicable policies, standards and procedures, as well as expectations and objectives. Risks are monitored on an ongoing basis. As part of the risk management process, all our employees are advised and trained so as to act appropriately, taking into account existing external and internal circumstances, as well as the types of risks that affect our ability to achieve the set business objectives.

Responsibility to customers

Customer satisfaction is our primary objective. We strive to achieve this goal in observance of all applicable legal requirements regarding the products and services we provide. Unibep SA has adopted the requirements of international ISO standards as a set of best, available and recommended practices for doing business in various aspects of corporate social responsibility. The group manages environmental issues, occupational safety, quality of construction works and manufactured construction products, and applies the requirements of standards ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and PN-EN 13108-21 within its organisation by implementing a cohesive integrated management system which is subject to independent certification.

Integrated management system

The operation of Unibep SA's integrated management system is regularly analysed with regard to risks. All internal company processes are monitored, overseen and described in the form of internal procedures, available to employees on the intranet. Instructions and directives referring to the integrated management system meet the requirements of due diligence procedures. Our objectives are endorsed in the Integrated Management System Policy adopted by the Management Board of Unibep SA, which gives priority to the needs of customers, continuous development of employee skills, effective management of occupational health and safety and environmental protection, compliance with applicable laws and ethical standards, and cooperation with local communities. The Integrated Management System Policy can be found here: 

Compliance with regulations

All works carried out on our construction sites are performed in accordance with legal requirements as well as the internal health, safety and environmental requirements and standards of Unibep Group. We continuously monitor legal regulations applicable to occupational health and safety and environmental protection, keep records and verify the company's compliance with legal requirements, conduct compliance reviews on construction sites and perform compliance assessments.

Supply chain

A great deal depends on our subcontractors, so we choose them carefully, including on the basis of health, safety and environmental criteria. 

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