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S – Social responsibility

S – Social responsibility


Employees are our key resource allowing us to shape and develop our organisation. We are committed to creating a friendly workplace in collaboration with our teams of dedicated employees.

We constantly seek to expand our knowledge. We place great emphasis on employee education through training and professional courses. We ensure the "replaceability" of staff and exchange of experience and skills between employees. To this end, we have implemented a mentoring programme and other training programmes for employees.

The financial aspect plays a significant role in the implementation of an effective employment policy in our organisation. We carry out periodic reviews and ad hoc wage and salary adjustments. Their purpose is to adjust wages and salaries in individual positions to the salary structure of Unibep Group, as well as to keep them abreast of current salary levels in the market.

Diversity as a value

Our organisation places great emphasis on the policy of equal treatment and diversity management, especially in the areas of recruitment, performance evaluation, training, promotion, and wages and salaries. Our activities in the area of diversity include making it part of our corporate documents, such as organisational culture or the collective bargaining agreement. Creating the right atmosphere at work is an important part of implementing the principles of diversity in practice, thanks to which our employees feel appreciated and respected, and have the opportunity to develop and fully realise their professional potential.

Every new hire must sign a declaration confirming that they have reviewed our statement on equal treatment at work. Any discrimination in employment, whether direct or indirect, in particular regarding sex, age, disability, race, religion, nationality, political beliefs, trade union membership, ethnic origin, belief, sexual orientation, and with regard to being employed on a fixed-term contract or a permanent contract, or on a full-time or part-time basis – is unacceptable. We have not developed a single diversity policy document. Nonetheless, over the years we have developed certain rules of conduct in this area, which are codified in Unibep Group's Code of Conduct.

Our headquarters are located in the Podlasie region, considered to be a melting pot of various nations, cultures and communities; consequently, the employees and members of the company's governing bodies come from different backgrounds and cultures, represent different mindsets and points of view and have different life and professional experiences.

Occupational health and safety

Creating safe working conditions is our priority, as our activities require us to be particularly attentive to safety rules. The group has implemented an employee health and safety management system, based on the "ISO 45001 – Occupational health and safety management systems. Requirements and guidelines for application" standard, issued in 2018 by the International Organization for Standardization. The standard sets out requirements relating to occupational health and safety (OHS) management systems. It formulates both practical rules on ensuring the safety of people and companies, as well as guidelines for its application enabling the continuous monitoring and optimisation of activities in the area of OHS.

Our health and safety management system applies to all employees and all offices, factories and sites operated by each Unibep Group company. The Health and Safety Department works with the Legal Department to monitor changes in health and safety legislation on an ongoing basis and keeps a list of such changes, available to all employees on the intranet.

Since 2015, Unibep SA has been a member of the Alliance for Safety in Construction (Porozumienia dla Bezpieczeństwa w Budownictwie). It is an initiative of fourteen general contractors and is aimed at improving safety on construction sites in Poland.

Training and education of employees

The dynamic and constant changes that affect every aspect of companies active in the market, such as changes to the legal system and work systems, and rapid technological development, require effective management of employee development programmes. We want our employees to develop their professional potential, which will be of benefit both to themselves and the entire Unibep Group. By creating training plans, the HR Department effectively manages the development of employees in their respective positions and provides them with the necessary knowledge. Thanks to training and development programmes that improve competencies and provide new skills, employees become more effective, more committed to their tasks and derive satisfaction from their jobs.

We implement our employee competence development plan through external training provided by specialised external companies and internal training provided by our own employees as part of the Unibep Group Knowledge Academy, which supports the flow of knowledge within the organisation. Other forms of employee development support include subsidising extramural studies (first and second cycle), post-graduate studies, professional licensing examinations and participation in thematic conferences, webinars or online training on GDPR.

Equal opportunity

Diversity and equal opportunities are very important aspects in the functioning of our organisation in the labour market. Fostering diversity helps us make our company more creative and build effective teams that complement each other. Creating the right atmosphere at work is an important part of implementing the principles of diversity in practice, thanks to which our employees feel appreciated and respected, and have the opportunity to develop and fully realise their professional potential. Unibep Group's corporate documents address this and guarantee respect for diversity and equal opportunities. These include:

  1. Unibep Collective Bargaining Agreement

  2. Work regulations applicable in all other group companies

  3. Unibep Group's Code of Conduct

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