09 January 2023

Prymat with a new warehouse hall constructed by Unibep

Prymat z nową halą magazynową w wykonaniu Unibep

Unibep SA was the general contractor responsible for the expansion of the spice production plant in Jastrzębie-Zdrój on behalf of PRYMAT sp. z o.o. As part of the conducted works, a warehouse hall with a social and office section was built along with the necessary accompanying infrastructure. Prefabricated elements were used in the building.

The building was made of a prefabricated reinforced concrete structure with elements of a steel roof structure. The main elements of the warehouse building structure are single-nave transverse frames with a span of up to 41.40 m. The frames consist of prefabricated reinforced concrete columns and double-pitched pre-stressed concrete girders. The load-bearing walls are made of reinforced concrete with a class C30/37 strength, cast in place, and reinforced with B500SP steel. The fire walls were designed using prefabricated, reinforced YTONG wall planks 25 cm thick, and the curtain walls were made of sandwich panels.

In addition, a 136-cell monocrystalline photovoltaic module with a rated power up to 370 Watt peak each was installed in the warehouse. The modules have a typical size not exceeding 1 776 mm x 1 052 mm and a weight of approx. 20 kg. A transformerless inverter with rated power of 50 kW was installed to convert the produced direct current into three-phase alternating current.

The foundation works posed a particular challenge during the investment implementation.

“Due to unfavourable geological conditions, our team had to replace the soil and apply in-situ stabilisation, which involved using materials from the excavation and improving them by mixing with cement,” explained Contract Manager at Unibep SA Jeremi Kampa. “This task was conducted as planned, which is a guarantee of durability, stability, and safety of the structure,” added the Contract Manager.

The implementation of the investment took a year and four months

Unibep constructs buildings for the food industry 

The warehouse constructed for PRYMAT was another investment completed by Unibep SA for the food industry. The result of our work is the set of buildings constructed for Mlekovita Dairy Cooperative in Wysokie Mazowieckie, including a Milk Powder Plant, a Cheese Packing Plant, a Frozen Butter Cold Store, and two warehouses. We also constructed the Slaughter and Poultry Cutting Plant in Koryta village (Daszyna commune) for Animex Foods sp. z o.o.



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