Investor: Podlaskie Voivodeship Roads Authority in Bialystok

Implementation date: XII 2016 - IX 2017

Reconstruction of the road bridge over the Supraśl river in the Supraśl town at km 20+631 in the course of provincial road No. 676

The bridge structure is located over the Supraśl River, which flows through Podlaskie province and is a right-bank tributary of the Narew River. The load-bearing structure of the structure consists of steel arches with a box profile, to which is suspended a concrete deck consisting of a slab and concrete longitudinal beams resting on support cross-beams. The structure is prestressed transversely by means of non-bracing cables. Longitudinal prestressing is carried out in the longitudinal beams. The longitudinal beams are suspended from the arches using hangers in a grid pattern.

Mobile load of the bridge: class A according to PN-85/S-10030.

Scope of work:

  • Roadway width: 8,0 m
  • Total area: 1190,80 m2
  • Total span length: 71,90 m