Investor: Polish General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways Branch in Łódź

General contractor: SRB Civil Engineering Ltd., John Sisk&Son Ltd., Roadbridge Ltd., Budbaum S.A.

Execution date: 30.09.2010 – 14.08.2012r. 

Scope of work

  • earthworks (excavations and embankments);
  • Reinforcement of the ground under the foundations with DSM columns (WD 181A);
  • driving and pulling of sheet piling;
  • large diameter piles fi 1200;
  • prefabricated piles;
  • test loading of piles;
  • reinforcement of monolithic structures;
  • monolithic structures of foundations, abutments, intermediate supports, transition slabs, sidewalk caps made of structural concrete in system formwork;
  • Monolithic structures of load-bearing structures;
  • installation of cables and execution of prestressing of structures;
  • thin and thick insulation;
  • hard-surfaced asphalt pavement;
  • drainage of bridge structures;
  • supply and installation of bearings and modular and bituminous expansion joints;
  • setting of curbs, railings, bridge barriers and balustrades;
  • strengthening of slopes;
  • anti-corrosion protection of concrete surfaces;
  • trial loading of structures.