Investor: City Hall of Częstochowa

A modern and functional hall for more than 7,000 seats.

Status of strategic investment for sports - the project has been included in the multi-year program of development of investments of special importance for sports until 2012.

The multi-purpose sports hall at Speedway Street was designed to accommodate almost 7 thousand seats (according to preliminary assumptions, 6356 chairs and the possibility of adding 1224 more seats). The total dimensions are about 100m x 70m. The hall will feature full-size courts for volleyball, handball, indoor soccer - footsal, basketball, badminton, tennis and table tennis.


Scope of work

  • Usable area: 16,997m2
  • Cubic capacity: 182,367m3
  • Arena dimensions: 58x38m
  • Service area: 925m2
  • Length/width/height: 100m/70m/23m
  • Number of parking spaces: 490