Investor: The Podlaski Regional Road Administration in Białystok

Date of completion: August 2011 – September 2013

Przebudowa dróg: Unibep SA,
budowa obiektów inżynieryjnych: Budrex-Kobi Sp z o.o. (należąca do grupy kapitałowej Unibep SA)

A two-lane road with its accompanying infrastructure network, two overpasses over railway tracks, a bridge and footbridge over the Horodnianka river. The route to Kleosin is one of the main roads leading out of Białystok. This is the most congested entry point to the city. Everyone travelling from the direction of Łapy or Wysokie Mazowieckie uses this route.

The Road Department of Unibep SA was awarded the Golden Statuette of the "Building of the Year" for 2013 in the category of "Construction of the year 2013 and 2014 in the North-East Region" for the reconstruction of the Białystok – Kleosin road.

Works description

  • Construction of the road, culverts, exit lanes
  • Reconstruction of the water-pipe network
  • Reconstruction of the gas network
  • Construction of a sanitary sewage system
  • Construction of storm water drainage
  • Reconstruction of power lines
  • Pavement- laying of paving stones
  • Shaping road ditches and embankments
  • Cutting down of trees and bushes
  • Excavation and ground levelling
  • Cleaning and digging ponds and drainage ditches
  • Street lights
  • Installation and painting of road markings