Unibep SA is the general contractor of a new construction of student hall of residence called LivinnX Kraków at Romanowicza Street. A team of experienced engineers from our company managed the renovation and thorough revitalization works of the building, while the investor of this project is a development and investment company Golub GetHouse.

- It was quite a difficult construction with demanding finishing works - emphasizes Paweł Gosek, deputy construction manager of the student hall of residence. - I think that we took advantage of every day, and as a team of Unibep, we put a lot of work and energy into it. That is why, in the end I am proud and satisfied with this project.

It is worth adding that the place where the dormitory has been built is a former factory building of Telpod - a producer of electronic components, and it consists of seven storeys. Currently, the building is at the stage of final finishing works, and students are about to move into all of the storeys. There are 710 beds available at their disposal in 290 modern furnished residential units with a very spacious shared area full of amenities for all of the residents.

- We offer our residents much more than just a sleeping space. LivinnX Krakow is distinguished by great design, high quality of applied solutions and a lot of amenities. We have implemented a project that has never been on the Polish market before. I am convinced that LivinnX Krakow will meet the expectations of all, the most demanding residents - said Jakub Bartos, Head of Residential in Golub GetHouse.

Owing to location of the hall of residence, it is conveniently connected to the most important universities in Krakow, as well as it provides broad access to cultural and service infrastructure, i.e. museums, clubs, restaurants etc.