Between January and April 2018, small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs operating in the construction industry will be able to take advantage of free-of-charge professional training courses for their employees. It is the continuation of a project being carried out by companies which are a part of the Agreement for Safety in Construction and the Polish Social-Insurance Institution (ZUS).

The training sessions, which will take place in all voivodeships in Poland, have been created based on the experience of the largest general contractors – signatories to the Agreement. The courses take into account the current trends and conditions existing on construction sites. The instructors will share their knowledge and crucial skills during the workshops, in an original and creative way. Videos showing construction sites, recorded with the use of drones, will be shown, among other materials. This year, both production employees and employee managers may enrol on the training sessions.

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 In order to participate in the course, the subcontractors do not need to meet any additional requirements. Important: in order to enrol on the free OHS course, simply
• call – 22 5178809 
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