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Information on the issuance of bonds series I of Unibep SA

Raport: 90/2023
2023.10.19 20:13

In reference to the current report No. 88/2023 of 13 October 2023 informing about the increase of the maximum number of bonds series I [Bonds] offered for purchase up to 1,380,402 pieces of a par value PLN 100 each and a total par value of PLN 138,040,200 and their initial allocation under the condition suspending the final settlement of the bond acquisition transactions within the issuance system of the National Depository of Securities (KDPW), the Management Board of Unibep SA [issuer, Company] informs about the settlement of the bond acquisition transactions as of 19 October 2023, and, consequently, the issuance of series I bonds as of 19 October 2023.

The Issuer indicates that the proceeds from the bond issuance will be utilised for the redemption or acquisition, for the purpose of bond retirement, of Series G and/or Series H bonds, as well as to finance ongoing and planned investment projects (understood as the implementation of development investments or construction contracts) within the business activities conducted by the Issuer or its subsidiary entities.

The issued bonds are bearer bonds. The bonds are not secured. In connection with holding the Bonds, bondholders will be entitled exclusively to monetary benefits. The bond interest rate has been set at the level of WIBOR 6M (or alternative index) plus margin on an annual basis. The interest on the bonds will be paid semi-annually.

The bonds will be redeemed on 19 October 2026 through the payment of an amount equal to the par value of a bond plus its interest to every bondholder. According to the terms of the bond issuance, each bondholder may request early redemption of the held bonds if events or circumstances specified in the bond issuance terms occur from the issuance date until the final payment of all monetary obligations arising from the bonds.

The Issuer has the right to perform an early redemption of all or part of the Bonds at its own request. The day of early redemption at the Issuer’s request cannot occur earlier than one year from the date of issuance. The redemption amount of the bonds (per bond) has been determined as the sum of the par value of one bond plus a defined premium.

The Issuer’s Group, as well as the Issuer itself, intends to maintain a safe level of indebtedness, adequate to the profile and scale of the conducted operations, until the complete redemption of the Bonds.

The bonds do not take the form of a document. Payments related to the bonds will be made to bondholders through KDPW (National Depository for Securities) and entities maintaining securities accounts. The Issuer will take actions aimed at introducing the bonds to trading on the alternative trading system in the ASO market Catalyst.

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