Unihouse Branch Unibep SA is in the final of the competition for the design of prefabricated housing.

The competition announced by the PRF Nieruchomości company, in cooperation with the Polish Association of Construction Employers and the Concrete Producers Association, is to reveal the best prefabrication system for the Mieszkanie Plus programme.

A seminar and a panel discussion titled "The prefabricated ecological construction of Unihouse: quality, innovation, advantages" was held during the Building Industry Solutions 2018 fairs in Nadarzyn. The organizer of the Seminar was Unihouse branch of Unibep SA.

This is a record when it comes to the pace of investment implementation - Leszek Gołąbiecki, the President of the Board of Unibep SA, summarized the construction of the first multi-family building as part of the "Mickiewicz's Apartments" investment in Bielsk Podlaski. - I believe that in May 2019, there will be tenants living in these blocks of flats..

From 26 to 28 September at the Ptak Warsaw Expo Exhibition and Conference Centre, in Warsaw's Nadarzyn, there will be an opportunity to see the modules produced by Unihouse.

This is an unprecedented event - Unihouse presents modules at the trade show: one, of which  the multi-family buildings are built, and the other - a hotel module that is used to build hotels (or dormitories). For the first time in its history, Unihouse decided to use such a marketing initiative.

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