Nearly 20 financial analysts, mainly related to the construction industry, took part in a conference summarizing the results of the Unibep Corporate Group for 2017.

The meeting took place on April 5 at the Warsaw office of Unibep SA. The president of the Management Board Leszek Gołąbiecki and the vice president of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer Sławomir Kiszycki have discussed the company's results, paying attention to changes in the business environment that took place in the previous year. They also have indicated that the Group's result would have been much better, but the lost judicial proceedings before the Norwegian courts (total of approx. PLN 17 million net - for the projects from a few years ago) had significantly influenced profits for 2017.

The presidents have also discussed all the businesses run by the Unibep Group, which are: general contracting both domestic and foreign, development activity, modular construction and road and bridge construction activity. And only the last segment turned out to be unprofitable in 2017. - Rising prices of materials and services caused, among others, by the oversupply of public procurement orders, proved to be very unfavourable for contracts that had been signed in 2016 - Leszek Gołąbiecki explained.

General contracting in the country and abroad is doing very well, as also is real estate development. The production of wooden buildings in modular technology is being developed - the plant in Bielsk Podlaski is undergoing expansion.

- We have a solid portfolio and practically we are currently working on orders for 2019 and subsequent years - added the president of Unibep SA.

The analysts have been asking mainly about the future. - The year 2018 will be very demanding for the entire construction industry but we are not expecting any significant price increases in materials and services. What has been troubling the contractors is the lack of employees - summarized Leszek Gołąbiecki.