This is a potential, brand-new residential area on the map of Radom. Nowy Wacyn, the proposed name of the district, would consist of 30 blocks of flats with 1 800 apartments covering an area of 30 ha. Unidevelopment (a member of the Unibep Group) and Rosa-Invest, a developer from Radom, would be the investors of the new project. The official presentation of the investment took place during a special conference on October 17th.

Nowy Wacyn would be a district full of green space, with a park and places dedicated to recreation. It would not be fenced in; the idea is for the district to be open for everyone. "We do not want to be just another fenced off district with concrete parking whose residents are supposed to go down by the lift and drive their cars in and out of the block" - emphasised Jacek Mroczkowski, the architect.

Krzysztof Mikołajczyk from Unidevelopment highlighted that all people engaged in the project strive to make the area of the former radiostation gain new life and become a residential district of high European standards.

The district is planned to be built stage by stage over 7-8 years. "Market research proves that it was worth it to invest in Radom" - added Krzysztof Mikołajczyk.

Furthermore, Jan Mikołuszko, the president of the supervisory board of Unibep SA pointed to the fact that it is a new idea for recreating an area purchased by the company years ago. "This is a bold vision. However, it is feasible and provides the citizens of Radom with value" - he claimed.

The district will cover an area of 29 ha, including the following streets: Przytycka, Listopadowa, Radiowa and Uniwersytecka. One block has already been built, the next two - with 120 apartments - will be finished by May 2018.