Investor: The Municipality of Lublin

Date of completion: August 2013 - September 2015

Aqua Lublin is the newest and the biggest swimming complex in Eastern Poland. The main part of the facility is an Olympic-size swimming pool 50 m long, equipped with a movable bottom, which can be divided into 10 tracks. The advanced technology of the Olympic-size basin enables the pool to be divided into two parts and to organise the tournament over a distance of 25 m. Viewers can watch performances of swimmers from the stands accommodating 2,100 seats.

The attractions are not only the pools, but a number of water facilities. Jacuzzi, wild river, water slides, water playground and places to exercise, namely gym and fitness area, are only part of the available entertainment.

The opening ceremony took place on 15 October 2015.

14.12.2015 - Aqua Lublin was awarded the Crystal Brick in the category of Sports and Leisure Facilities in 2015 in the competition for the best construction investment on both sides of the Eastern border of the European Union organised by Polskie Towarzystwo Mieszkaniowe Lublin.

Description of the building

Facility development area: approx. 7 000 m2

Netto area: above 14 000 m2

Cubic volume: 97 000 m2

Water surface area: 2 240 m2

Number of audience seats: 2 100