Investor: Globe Trade Centre

 Date of completion: II Q of 2015 - III Q of 2017

Description of the building

Land area: 49,206.00 m2

Total area: 202,000 m2

Lease space: 63,800 m2

Number of commercial premises: approx. 240

Cubic volume: 388,900 m3

Number of above ground storeys: 4 storeys

Number of underground storeys: 2 storeys

Utility space:
- footpaths and shared zones - 3 512.11 m
- roads 365.54 m

Length of energy cables: 340 km

Length of so-called minor cables: over 600 m

Number of lights: 13,000

Number of fire sensors: 4500

Number of sound warning system speakers: 4700

Number of parking spaces: 1,959

Number of parking spaces for the disabled: 64

Number of parking spaces for bikes: 160


The construction of Galeria Północna, a fourth-generation centre in the north of Warsaw, began in mid-2015. In a few weeks, about 64 000 sq. m of commercial area and more than 2 000 parking places will be at the customers’ disposal. More than 750 000 people, mostly younger people and families with children live in the vicinity of Galeria Północna. The attractions of Galeria Północna include: the first green-roof park with a beautiful garden enabling leisure close to nature, recreational areas such as a skate-park and outdoor gym, a bicycle park and repair station and numerous facilities for families with children, such as  family rooms, toilets adapted to the needs of young customers, a playground and a child zone at the food court. The facility will also be furnished with one on the best monitored and safest car parks of all the shopping centres in Warsaw.