24 September 2021

Opening the logistic centre of MLEKOVITA

The MLEKOVITA Group, being a leader in the dairy sector in Central and Eastern Europe, has been always focused on development and consistently based its business model on continuous development. Both investments in technological base, as well as technical and logistic base, serve it well. The President of the Management Board of MLEKOVITA Group on 24 September 2021 officially opened the largest and most modern logistics centre in the dairy sector. Unibep SA was the general contractor for the investment.


We contribute to building a healthy society with excellent food and a healthy environment. Dairy industry is our Polish advantage and it is a big part of our export, so it needs investments to remain competitive. MLEKOVITA, being a leader, has been always focused on development and consistently based its business model on continuous development for the benefit of customers and consumers,” said Dariusz Sapiński, the President of the Management Board of MLEKOVITA during the ceremony. “There is no development without investment, no development without looking to the future. The technological development allows us to implement and improve innovative solutions. Being the biggest investor in the dairy industry, We have invested over a billion zloty over the last decade. Subsequently, in this difficult period, I also made that very difficult decision to build the largest and most modern logistics centre in the dairy industry”.

The newly opened logistics centre includes cold stores, a freezer, and a warehouse for technical purpose. In the implementation of the investment participated companies, among others, UNIBEP SA (construction works), Johnson Controls International Sp. z o.o., (refrigeration industry), PROMAG SA (storage systems).

“I am very happy that UNIBEP SA has been cooperating for many years with MLEKOVITA, the largest dairy cooperative in Poland. Let me remind that earlier we built for MLEKOVITA a production and storage hall and the most modern Milk Powder Plant in this part of Europe. Our latest investment for MLEKOVITA includes a cold store building and two warehouse buildings. I am convinced that both the investor and the contractors can be satisfied with all the implemented investments. Otherwise, our long-term cooperation would not last. At the same time, I would like to congratulate President Dariusz Sapiński and the entire team of MLEKOVITA. It is amazing how dynamically you are developing your company,” said Leszek Gołąbiecki, President of the Management Board of UNIBEP SA.

“The value of the investment, officially opened on 24 September, totalled over PLN 45 million and was financed entirely from own funds. The construction of the largest and most modern logistics centre in the dairy sector took only a year. It provides space for the total number of 17 000 pallet places. PROMAG SA welcomed the invitation to the next project of MLEKOVITA Group. I can say with absolute conviction that the logistics centre opened today is an excellent example of development and implementation of new technologies in Polish companies. I am glad that President Dariusz Sapiński, when choosing a partner in the field of storage systems, paid attention to modern solutions and 40 years of PROMAG's experience,” said President of the Management Board, CEO of PROMAG SA Karolina Tokarz. “The basis for success of the investment in Wysokie Mazowieckie is the perfect cooperation between our companies, understanding the logistics processes in MLEKOVITA cold stores and their optimisation. I believe that the newly opened facility will contribute to even better customer service and strengthening the MLEKOVITA brand in the world. Congratulations on your investment and I wish you further, equally dynamic development.”