The analysts of the Brokerage House of Bank BPS, in the report of 7 September 2021, set the target price for shares of Unibep on the level of PLN 17.00 which gives potential for the price to grow by 31.8% in relation to its current market price. The report was issued while the share price was PLN 12.90. The report was developed by Brokerage House of Bank BPS at the request of the WSE as part of the Stock Exchange Support Program for Analytical Coverage. The author of the report is Artur Wizner.

“We see the biggest opportunities in the residential, office, and industrial construction segment. This is as a result of the visible recovery in the Polish industry after the pandemic and increase in foreign investments. In the longer term, the segments of Infrastructure (Reconstruction Fund), real estate development, and the increasingly popular ecological modular houses of Unihouse should contribute to the results,” stated the author of the report. “Among the potential hazards to the value of the Company, we see the rising prices of construction materials and increasing pressure to increase remunerations.”