Unibep Group ranked 2nd among companies in the construction industry and 16th among the 50 best employers in Poland during the pandemic. The nationwide ranking was published by Wprost.pl.

The organisers presenting the ranking wrote: “For the last few weeks we have been working on answer to question which company in Poland offers the best working conditions. However, it was not about having a phone booth in the office, green grass growing on walls, or a foosball table put by the boss in the corridor. In the current pandemic, no one needs the benefits of modern offices. So, first of all it was about which companies in Poland provide the sense of security in these uncertain times”.

How was collected the information for the ranking? The organisers contacted 400 of the largest enterprises operating in Poland and asked such questions like:

- Were there any mass layoffs in the company last year or are there planned any?

-Did company raise or cut wages?

- How many new staff did the company hire and how employees were laid off?

- How many employees work in the company altogether and what is the full-time contract and trash contract share?
“Based on this, we have prepared the latest edition of the 50 best employers ranking in the pandemic era” - wrote the organisers.

The Unibep Group ranked 16th in general and 2nd among the construction industry companies – outdistanced only by Strabag. Other companies from the construction industry included in the ranking came only in the fourth ten of the ranking.

Below we present the first twenty companies from the ranking. Source: wprost.pl

Let us remind that Unibep Group ranked 3rd among the construction industry companies and 74th in general on the list of 300 Best Polish Employers ranking recently published by Forbes. What is important, the ranking was created, among others based on opinions expressed by individual employees from different companies.

The picture is from 2016 and it was taken during the Construction Industry Day.