One of the largest housing estates in the city, Fama Jeżyce, is being built in the heart of Jeżyce district in Poznań on nearly 8 hectares of land left after the former Wiepofama manufacturing plant. The buildings constructed as part of the first stage of the investment have already reached their target height, and a traditional topping-out has appeared atop of one of them. The investment was very well received by the market and 70% of the premises of this stage of the investment has already been sold.

Fama Jeżyce housing estate is an investment conducted by Monday Development, a developer from Poznań that is part of Unidevelopment group. The investment is part of the revitalisation concept of Jeżyce district. Ultimately, the entire residential complex will have 2,500 apartments. As part of the first stage of the investment, two seven-storey buildings are being constructed with a total of 251 apartments and 11 premises for commercial purposes. The future residents of this housing estate, as well as their neighbours, will certainly appreciate the convenience of having a baker's, pharmacy, and grocery in the vicinity. It will also be a new space for development of services or popular in Jeżyce original culinary ideas.

Works on construction of all storeys of the first stage buildings of the housing estate have been recently completed. It means that the buildings reached their planned height of seven floors. In the larger building window frames are being installed and bricklaying and installation works are underway inside. The smaller building is closer to completion as the facade works are already underway. Construction completion of this stage of investment and handover of keys to first apartment owners is scheduled for the end of 2021.