"Kaldnes Dockside bygg F" - in the category of multi-family residential building and "Community-based care house under the sails' " – in the category of public utility building – won the contest of the Ministry of Climate, conducted as part of campaign titled "House with Climate". The results were announced on 9 November 2020 during an online conference called "Ecosphere".

It was when the laureates of the contests being partof campaigns "House with Climate" and "City with Climate" were announced. The Ministry of Climate supports ecological and climate friendly solutions, rewarding the best implemented investments that favour climate protection and are constructed in technology using timber as a structural element of the facility.

"Project with Climate – Contest for Champions" concerned construction of environmentally friendly buildings in three categories:

I. A single-family house or an estate of such houses;

II. A multi-family residential building;

III. Public utility facility.

The substantive evaluation of the contest applications was made on the basis of the following criteria: the level of the positive impact on the climate; architectural quality; compliance with the principles of technical knowledge in the field of design and construction with particular emphasis on the correctness of the wooden structure; degree of innovation; attractiveness in presenting the contest application.

– By announcing the national contest as part of the "House with Climate" campaign, we wanted to appreciate the efforts of designers, investors, and contractors from all over the country who implement the ideas of climate-friendly construction in practice – says Michał Kurtyka, Minister of Climate and Environment.


The title of champion was awarded to Unihouse SA