On 4 July 2019 took place the official opening of the Warsaw representative office of Unibep SA and Unidevelopment SA at Kondratowicza Street. – This is another milestone in the company's development – said Jan Mikołuszko, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Unibep SA during the meeting with employees.

There were word of gratitude, recalling past memories and a glass of champagne. The ceremony was attended by employees of Unibep SA and Unidevelopment SA, for whom Kondratowicza 37 will now be a place of everyday work, as well as the authorities and owners of both companies.

- Thank you all for working on this project. It was a big challenge. We moved to a high standard, functional and very nice looking modern office – said Leszek Gołąbiecki, president of the management board of Unibep SA.

- The pace of work and of moving the office was amazing. I am impressed by the commitment of our employees. I am proud of the new office – stressed Jan Mikołuszko.

There was also a moment of recalling past memories: Bożena Śnitowska reminded the gathered that the first Warsaw office of Unibep SA was in a cabin for construction workers. – Today it is hard to believe that there has been such a big improvement that today we work in such comfortable conditions – she said.

The new office is 2,000 sq. m area, divided into functional sectors. Unidevelopment SA has its office on the ground floor, Unibep SA on the first floor. There are about seventy people here working in light, functional spaces.   There are several modern conference rooms in the building, where meetings and teleconferences will be held.

We invite you to visit our new offices.