Please be advised that from 1 July 2019, the Warsaw representative office of Unibep S.A. will have a new location. The new address: Kondratowicza Str. 37, 03-285 Warsaw.

The new office will host all employees and all departments that have been working so far at Rakowiecka Str. 30. The representative office of Unibep S.A. will be on the first floor - entry through the main lobby located on the ground floor of the building.

Telephone, fax and e-mail numbers remain unchanged. Just to remind:
Tel.: 22 487 75 50
Fax: 22 487 75 51

We also inform that at the same address (ground floor) from 1 July 2019 its office will have our development company - Unidevelopment S.A.

We invite you to visit us