At the "Dzielna 64" construction site, we have topped out a building at its highest point. The topping-out ceremony is the moment when the building's shell construction is completed. It's a great time to stop for a moment, thank everyone for their hard work and appreciate the daily effort of all those who take part in the construction.

"Dzielna 64" is an investment that combines the charm of a modern city and a historical, quiet part of the capital. The architecture of the building is characterized by elegant geometrical forms using the contrast of chiaroscuro, material and colour. The colours of the building are kept in a bright tone underlined with a large amount of transparent glass.

Aparthotel „Studio Centrum” on  Pawia 51 str. is almost finished. "Studio Centrum" is primarily an idea for investing in real estate. The so-called micro apartments are an idea based on two assumptions: a small liveable square footage, in the heart of the city. Modern architecture with elegant wooden elements fits perfectly into the historical part of Muranów.

Both investments are located on the border of Śródmieście and Wola boroughs, and are implemented by Unibep SA for Ochnik Development, whose guiding slogan is "Elegance in Construction".

In the photo (from the left): Marek Kurek - the head of the "Centrum Studio" construction project, Arkadiusz Sidoruk - the head of the "Dzielna 64" construction.