5,500 employees, including more than 1,000 completing projects in almost 50 countries – this is what 16 companies with Polish capital that created the Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters can do.

The Association is a grass-roots initiative of enterprises whose aim is to build and strengthen the cooperation of Polish construction companies in the export market as well as to internationalise the Polish construction sector. The Association was officially inaugurated on 2 December 2015 in Warsaw.

"Nowadays in Poland, there are huge infrastructure projects under construction, there is the housing boom and new public utility buildings are being built: sports facilities, hospitals and cultural institutions. But this situation will not last long – in a few years construction companies will have trouble acquiring new contracts, production cuts will begin and most probably large layoffs in the industry will follow", said Jan Mikołuszko, President of the Management Board and inventor of the Association and currently Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Unibep SA., during the inauguration. "Therefore, we should think about what we will do in a few years, using the good current situation in the industry." President Mikołuszko argued that the future of companies with Polish capital may be the export of construction services, which today – constituting just a little more than 3% of sales in the construction sector – practically does not exist.

"The potential of the Polish construction industry is enormous. We have an excellent team of engineers, advanced technical facilities as well as rich know-how", stressed Tomasz Szuba, President of the Management Board of TINES Capital Group SA and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Exporters Association. "Our initiative and its motto: World Solutions. Made in Poland is a real chance for the internationalisation of the Polish construction sector", added Szuba.

During the inauguration Andrzej Czapczuk, Dr.Eng., Vice-President of the Management Board of F.B.I. Tasbud SA and Vice-President of the Management Board of the Association argued, additionally, that instead of competing with each other on international markets, companies with Polish capital should start to cooperate. "The benefits of participation in the cluster include access to cooperation networks and contacts of partners, effective transfer of technology and knowledge, broadening the offer as a result of the merging potential of cluster members, acquiring new contracts, attracting new people, institutions, businesses, optimisation of operational costs and, finally, potentially generating new interesting contracts", he said. To sum up his speech, Czapczuk added, "Let's trust each other. It will bring us and Poland many benefits..

16 companies joined the cluster. The accumulated potential and scope of operations are impressive. This diversity constitutes one of the cluster’s greatest values. Thanks to this, the Association has a possibility to create a comprehensive offer and participate even in the most demanding infrastructure projects across the world."

"Our targets are very ambitious. Their realisation is possible if we proceed quickly to cooperation", President of the Management Board Jan Mikołuszko.

Supporting members: Elektrotim SA, F.B. I. Tasbud SA, Instal Białystok SA, JPcontracting.pl Sp. z o.o., Palisander Sp. z o.o., PBG SA, Pol – Inowex Sp. z o.o. S.K.A., SEEN Holding Sp. z o.o., SN Strukton Sp. z o.o., TERMIKA Sp. z o.o., TINES Capital Group SA, Torpol SA, UNIBEP SA, VISTAL GDYNIA SA, Dorbud SA, Zeus SA.