49/2021| Establishment of the Bond Issuance Programme

The Management Board of Unibep SA (Issuer, Company) informs about adopting on 3 September 2021 of a resolution on the Bond Issuance Programme implemented by the Company according to the following rules:

1. Under the Programme, the Company will issue not more than 1 500 000 bearer bonds, in one or more series, starting from series H, with a nominal value of PLN 100 each, with a total nominal value of not more than PLN 150 000 000.
2. The Bonds may be introduced to the alternative trading system operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
3. The Bonds under the Programme should be issued not later than by 31 December 2025.

Any matters not regulated by this resolution, including other conditions of Bonds issuance will be regulated in separate resolutions adopted by the Management Board of the Company corresponding to subsequent issuances of Bonds under the Bond Issuance Programme.
The values and schedules of the issue of individual series of bonds issued under the Programme will depend on the current capital needs of the Company and its subsidiaries.
At the same time, the Company informs that on 3 September 2021 The Supervisory Board of the Company expressed by resolution the consent to perform the Bond Issuance Programme of the described above parameters and authorised the Management Board of the Company to take all legal and factual actions leading to implementation of the Bond Issuance Programme.


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