The Agreement for Construction Safety is an initiative of ten general contractors called the signatories to the Agreement aimed at improving safety on Polish construction sites. Unibep SA is part of the Agreement since 5 February 2015. This informal association promotes the culture of safety, making aware of the risks of working on the construction site and, consequently, contributes to the elimination of the risk.

Every year there are about 120 fatal accidents on the Polish construction sites (2008 r. — 127 osób, 2009 r. — 117 osób, 2010 r. — 112 osób), and this means that every three days a man is killed. The main reason for this is the lack of qualifications by construction workers, non-compliance with OHS rules and the imperfect system of safeguards. The most common events are falls from height, an impact of a falling object or being crushed. The most dangerous is work on roofs, scaffolds, as well as in deep excavations. Every second fatality on the construction site is a worker with seniority not exceeding three months.

The primary purpose of the Agreement is not to reduce the number of fatal accidents in the construction industry, but their total elimination, as no number of accidents is acceptable. The motto of this campaign is "Zero accidents".

To achieve this goal, a number of projects was developed under the Agreement introducing systemic solutions in the field of occupational health and safety to construction sites of signatories. These activities are spread over many years and are associated not only with the organisational change, but also a change of the mentality of habits of employees and the society. 

The Agreement increases the chances of achieving a significant improvement in occupational health and safety across the industry, because we want to share with our experience, knowledge and performance with other companies. There is no withdrawal from uniform, clear and enforced OHS rules. Ultimately, human life is at stake.