Ethics — it is important for us

Doing business you have to be ethical in every area of activity. That is why we are guided by the highest ethical standards and we build long-term relationships with business partners.

In Unibep SA we have had the principles of our work written down for years. Our values are honesty, reliability, openness to change, but also respect for others and tolerance.
We are aware and we feel responsible for thousands of people with whom we work and cooperate every day. We also appreciate our words — if we promised something to someone, we do not withdraw from these promises.
We know that we are part of the local community, which is why we are committed to helping those in need, we also support important initiatives and people who lead ambitious projects. We also support local sports, co-finance cultural events and help young talent in achieving success.

Unibep SA, as the financially stable entity, is also a reliable partner for banks and financial institutions. It also takes care of safety on construction sites — since February 2015, it has been a signatory to the Agreement for Construction Safety.

We have been and will be doing socially responsible business. This is very important to us.