Our identity. Unibep Group is a team of companies with Polish capital, operating in Poland and abroad. Our history goes back to 1950 and has always since then been connected with the Podlasie region. From our experience and passion we draw all that was and is the best. We are proud of our tradition on which we continue to build the future of our international company. Our success is based on three values which have become signposts for our employees. These are: knowledge, passion and trust. In keeping with those values, we intend to carry out new, ambitious investments in the future. 



We have knowledge and competences to build increasingly demanding structures and to work more and more effectively in all fields of our activity. We continue to develop in multiple market segments in order to be a leading company on the Polish market and a significant player on the European market.


We are a group of companies which put a great store by high-quality work achieved in particular by building lasting relations with our partners.


Today, changes are a natural and obvious component of everyday life. We see changes as challenges rather than threats. We would like to keep changing for the better as only constant improvement guarantees success as well as satisfaction with professional and personal life. We are open to innovations.



We work with passion which provides basis for our continuous development and helps us achieve new, ambitious goals. We explore new frontiers because we are ambitious and creative.


We have achieved much so far and we are proud of what we have built. However, we know that success requires we also need modesty as well as courage and effective work. We can do a lot and yet we continue to build up our competences every day.

Courage and caution

We constantly strive to better ourselves, however, we exercise caution and eliminate potential risks.



We like to be and work together, we respect each other, and this is reflected in our daily activities. We respect everyone with whom we work, and regardless of cultural and religious diversities, we treat everyone equally. We believe that effective and well-integrated teams are crucial to achieving success.


We approach every tasks related to our customers, associates and employees with due diligence and professionalism. We observe and comply with all our obligations. We carry out our projects with great enthusiasm. Our company has high ethical standards.


We treat the environment with respect and dignity. We recognize the needs of others. We support culture, sport and people in need. We participate in many charitable and social campaigns. We create the future based on an active participation in many areas of social life, aimed mainly at supporting talented, entrepreneurial young people.